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Coorg - Scotland of India

 Wake up to the smell of tranquilizing coffee, and enjoy the scenic beauty of this misty land of hills and streams. Popularly known as the Scotland of India, Coorg lives up to its name with luring amalgamation of history, luxury, adventure, mouth-watering cuisine. Located along the western ghats, this famous coffee-producing hill station is well-known for its jaw-dropping ravishing scenery and opulence.

Not just the scintillating beauty, this misty landscape has a rich culture and a unique local clan - Kodavas specialised in martial arts, widely known for their hospitality. Ranging from admiring the beauty of this heavenly destination to a challenging trek or deep insight into the culture at the Madikeri Fort to the enthralling adventure at Abbey falls or the spicy curries to the sweet heart-melting handmade truffles, Coorg will make you oscillate to the extremes in everything.


With so many activities in the house, this is indeed an ideal destination for everyone, whether you are a foodie, an explorer, an adventurer, or a tranquility seeker. Not to forget the popular festivals -  Keil Poldu (worship of weapons), Cauvery Shankaramana (return of the river goddess) and the Huttari (harvest).

Stunning mountains, the cascade of falling waters, and eye-feasting view of the flora and fauna, this place is indeed a perfect holiday destination for people who need an escape from their monotonous 9-5 hectic life. Much-acclaimed to be the preferred destination for trekking sports and white water rafting, Coorg qualifies to be the perfect location for the thrill-seekers.

Quench your thirst for adventure as you drive along the misty roads in the winter afternoons around the hills. Though the tinge of excitement is unnerving enough to boost your enthusiasm, do take care of the safety measures while you enjoy your exhilarating journey to Coorg.

Make sure you do not miss out the mesmerising towns including Gonikoppal, Somwarpet, Kushalnagar, Pollibetta, and Virajpet to add rewarding experiences to your itinerary. 

                    Which is the best month to visit Coorg?

The best time to visit Coorg is during the summer months between March and June. The best months are March and April, when the day time temperatures are comfortably hot. The valleys are shrouded in a mist, and you can go trekking, cycling or simply walking all about.


                                    Why is coorg famous in India?

Coorg is a tranquil, little town in Southern Karnataka, cradled in the Western Ghats. It is famous mainly for its austere sights, varied wildlife, world-class coffee and the Kodavas, the ethnic warrior people of Coorg.

Why is coorg called Scotland of India?

Scotland is well known throughout the world for its vast stretches of lush greenery, beautiful rolling hills, and numerous fresh water bodies. ... It comes as no surprise then that Coorg, with its misty climate and hill station environment, is known as the "Scotland of India".

     21 Best Places to Visit in Coorg | Madikeri (Coorg) Tourist Places

    01. Abbey Falls, Coorg

    02. Chiklihole Reservoir, Coorg

    03. Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

    04. Harangi Dam, Coorg

    05. Honnamana Kere Lake, Coorg

    06. Omkareswara Temple, Coorg

    07. Kotebetta Trek / Peak, Coorg

    08. Madikeri Fort, Coorg

    09. Mallalli Falls, Coorg

    10. Mandalpatti Trek, Coorg

    11. Nalknad Aramane Palace, Coorg

    12. Nehru Mantap, Coorg

    13. Padi Iggutappa Temple, Coorg

    14. Raja's Seat, Coorg

    15. Somwarpet, Coorg

    16. Suntikoppa, Coorg

    17. Tadiandamol Trek, Coorg

    18. Talakaveri Temple & Waterfalls, Coorg

    19. Dargah Sharif of Yemmemadu, Coorg

    20. Karada Village near Coorg

    21. Gaddige or Raja’s Tomb, Coorg

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